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The McTube app gained popularity for its YouTube video downloading feature, named "Cache" to mask the fact that it can download videos. Today Software Line Inc pushed out an update to my favorite YouTube app for the iPhone. This update is apparently removing the coveted. EDIT: I had to download protube EXTENSION for youtube not the actual protube app. Meaning youtube app (appstore) + protube extension.

UPDATE * The video-caching feature of this app seemed too good to be true, and it was. The latest version of McTube Pro removes.

See Tweets about #mctube on Twitter. Got the entire @nineinchnails # SFOutsideLands set in my #McTube cache will be a great week listening to that, . Try McTube - YouTube Client & Cache & MP3 to watch YouTube videos on iPhone and iPad. You can cache videos and watch them offlineğ. HIGHLIGHTS: Cache videos and watch offline; Switch video quality, p, p, p and p available; Search for Videos and Channels. Filter Search.

not every app upgrade is a good upgade. mctube is 1 example and I can still download videos on McTube leh, the cache icon is gone but if.

As everyone using the YouTube api knows, saving or caching youtube files is prohibited by the google terms of service. So how then does this app [McTube].

Well, I know that the new McTube Pro has disabled the cache feature but I want to cache some VEVO videos because the cache is still.

Usually I can watch videos on mctube or YouTube no problem but now be fixed as they have abandoned the old version that supports cache.

You can easily use the YouTube alternative for iPhone's "Cache Mode" With McTube which also supports background audio playback is a.

Mctube has had this feature for years and it's a free app! Reply · Like · Mark MCTube cache features are no longer available. I had to save my. The YouTube app that should have been. It includes almost all the features the Youtube website has. You can also cache videos in local and watch them off line. McTube. Free. McTube is, quite simply, great. Not only does it have a Secondly — and this is awesome — you can cache videos for offline.

McTube lets you download YT videos to its cache for later playback; it will even do it in the background. It won't let you save them to a file you.

Worse, Google's been clamping down on third-party apps that cache YouTube videos, such as MCTube for iPhone, for example. The reason. Mctube pro cache download. Click here to get file. How to download mctube pro on ios 5 and ios 6 jailbreak only. Review mctube pro youtube. McTube provides the best user experience and all the missing 1) You can cache videos/music and play them without being on the internet.

McTube - Videos and Music for YouTube app review. Use this app to cache all your favorite videos so that you can watch them anytime you. The McTube app, in my opinion the best app for YouTube by a mile, allows you to download videos. It keeps them in a section called cache. Mctube Pro (iOS 6). Click Here to Download (Mediafire) You might also like: How to download youtube on iOS 7? Mxtube removed cache.

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